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Empowering Children: Early Education on Boundaries #1

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Empowering Children at early age

Candid Conversation with Kalki Koechlin, celebrated actor, writer, playwright, and a devoted parent, shares her journey through motherhood during the challenging times of a global pandemic. She delves into the transition from pregnancy to parenting, emphasizing the vital role of educating children about personal boundaries. This enlightening dialogue offers insights into Kalki’s experiences as a mother, her commitment to sustainability, and the delicate balance of nurturing her child while pursuing her passions.

Empowering Children
👶 Parenting Through Unprecedented Times

Kalki’s daughter, Sappho, made her debut in February 2020, just as the world was grappling with the COVID-19 pandemic. As a first-time parent, Kalki faced the daunting task of raising her child in the midst of lockdowns and uncertainty. With limited external assistance, she and her partner embraced the role of primary caregivers. To add to the challenge, they also had her 13-year-old brother under their care, as international flights kept her father and his wife stranded abroad. Parenting had transformed into a 2.0 version, marked by sleepless nights and unwavering dedication to empowering children.

🌊 Water Birth: Planning and Preparation

Opting for a water birth, Kalki shares her perspective on the potential benefits and considerations of this natural delivery method. She emphasizes the need for meticulous planning and medical consultation. Sanam, her doula, played a crucial role not just during birth but also in the crucial pre and post-natal phases. Kalki underscores the importance of aligning with your gynecologist to outline a birth plan, encompassing expectations during labor and preparations for potential complications. This comprehensive approach ensures a smoother and safer childbirth experience.

📖 ‘Elephant in the Womb’: A Candid Account of Parenthood

Kalki authored ‘Elephant in the Womb,’ a graphic novel that fearlessly delves into the realities of pregnancy and the postpartum journey. While she openly describes certain phases as nightmarish, she passionately relishes the current chapter of parenting her vibrant three-year-old daughter, characterized by lively conversations and endearing moments.

🏫 School and Child Safety: Open Communication

As Sappho embarks on her school journey, Kalki highlights the significance of fostering open and ongoing communication with children. Expressing genuine curiosity about their daily experiences, friendships, and concerns strengthens the parent-child bond. Moreover, Kalki advocates teaching children about body boundaries from a young age, helping them understand the concepts of “good touch” and “bad touch.” These conversations equip children with the knowledge and confidence to protect themselves empowering children.

🌿 Green Parenting and Sustainability

Despite the challenges that often accompany parenthood, Kalki remains committed to sustainability. She shares her experiences of using cloth diapers during the day and switching to sustainable, biodegradable options at night. Her dedication extends to selecting organic and non-toxic household products, emphasizing the importance of making eco-conscious consumer choices.

✈️ Adventures with a Young Explorer

Kalki, known for her love of adventure and travel, has continued her journeys with her young daughter in tow. Sappho has already explored multiple continents, adapting to the nomadic lifestyle of her parents. While motorcycle rides are still a few years away, the family’s travel adventures are ongoing.

🎨 Nurturing Artistic Expression: The Artist in Sappho

Sappho’s artistic inclinations have found a welcoming home within a family of artists. She exhibits a profound interest in art, often gravitating towards works by celebrated painters such as Monet, Matisse, and Miro. Kalki shares how her daughter’s creativity shines through various art projects and collaborations.

💼 Balancing Motherhood and Career: Prioritizing Self-Care

Kalki acknowledges the challenges of regaining a sense of self while being a deeply involved mother and pursuing a career. She reflects on the significance of self-care, prioritizing differently, and discovering new facets of her identity while embracing parenthood.

👨‍👩‍👧 Modern Parenting: Seeking Guidance and Understanding

With her partner, Kalki navigates the complexities of modern parenting, often characterized by diverse parenting styles. Recognizing the value of professional guidance, they consult with a child psychologist periodically. This helps them better understand their child’s needs and bridge any differences in their parenting approaches.

In this sincere and enlightening conversation, Kalki Koechlin offers profound insights into the joys and challenges of parenthood. She highlights the significance of fostering open communication, educating children about boundaries, and nurturing sustainability while raising a child in today’s world.

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